ACEE Permit Tracker 

The Appalachian Center for the Economy and the Environment (ACEE) has the only easy search tool for keeping track of Army Corps valley fill permits (“404 permits”).  Searchable by company, state, county, watershed and other terms, their database will tell you the mine information including acreage, number of valley fills and linear feet of stream to be buried, the estimated status of the permit, and whether the EPA has intervened.  The search tool will also find Army Corps NWP49 permits which are “dredge and fill” permits for remining and reclaiming previously mined areas.
There's a lot of information buried in obscure places on the EPA website.  However, the EPA website is essentially impossible to navigate.  It is usually best to simply search their website for whatever you are interested in.  Be as specific as possible, using terms like subwatershed names or Army Corps permit numbers.  Or consult an expert.