Blasting Emergency Guide

1. Quickly note the time of the blast on your calendar. 

2. Check gas lines.

3. Check for damage.

4. Decide where, how and to whom you want to complain.  If you decide to report it to the DEP and OSM, tell them the details and insist on prompt action.  Take careful notes of this conversation and follow up with a letter that describes how you remember the conversation, particularly any promises made by the DEP or OSM.

5. Notify the police if necessary, regarding public safety hazards or trespass and destruction of property caused by the blast.  

6. Get a copy of the blast log as soon as possible.

7. Keep track of documentation by your neighbors.  Comparing notes can help you identify "hot spots" where blasts are especially damaging and often overlooked by DEP inspectors.

8. Coordinate your local group's response to the blast.