General Steps / Information For Dealing With Blasting


Organize a group.  Talk to other people in your community who are affected or concerned by the blasting.  Groups can apply real pressure on the mine and regulators (e.g. Coal River Mountain Watch).  Do not let the mine or the regulators split your group. 

Recruit a lawyer, preferrably one who has handled blasting damage claims for citizens.  

Don't think that the DEP or OSMRE are your friends.  The WVDEP is an office of the governor - if the governor is a "Friend of Coal," so is the DEP.  The head of the OSMRE is a political appointee as well.  

Document blasts and blasting damage (see How to Document Blasting Damage)

Go public - attract media attention to your damages.  

Connect with other groups in your region and elsewhere in the coalfields.  

Don't give up.  Be persistent in protecting your rights.