Be The 1% (in A Good Way)

Oct 4, 2015

Be the 1%. In a good way. If only 1% of our Facebook friends signed up for a $10 tax-deductible, monthly recurring donation, Coal River Mountain Watch would have the mortgage payment covered for the Judy Bonds Center for Appalachian Preservation. Just go to
Invest in a front-line community directly impacted by mountaintop removal. Be a hero. Be the 1%. Be the one you've been waiting for.

Easy as Pie, FREE Way to Support Coal River Mountain Watch

Oct 3, 2015

If you shop at a Mid-Atlantic Kroger, it's easy to support Coal River Mountain Watch without spending anything extra. Just have your Kroger card handy, go to,and select Coal River Mountain Watch as the group you want to support.  Easy as pie!


Groups Launch Lawsuit To Protect Threatened Bats From Mountaintop Removal

Sep 22, 2015

Coal River Mountain Watch and other groups have filed a notice of intent to sue federal agencies for failing to protect the threatened northern long-eared bat from mountaintop removal sites in Raleigh and McDowell Counties. Photo courtesy Flickr Creative Commons/Kristen Bobo


Stream Protection Rule Comments And Hearings

Sep 10, 2015

Comments on the Stream Protection Rule (SPR) are due to the Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement by Oct. 26, 2015. You can submit comments online, by mail, or in person at a Public Hearing. Details are below. Birchton WV valley fill. Flyover courtesy, WV valley fill. Flyover courtesy of


Day To Serve With The Tadpole Project

Sep 8, 2015

Join the Tadpole Project for a Day to Serve this Saturday, Sept. 12, cleaning up Peachtree Creek from its mouth to Peachtree Falls. Meet up at 10:30 at the CRMW office across from the Naoma Post Office. Gloves, bags, snacks, and drinks provided.This is a Day to Serve volunteer opportunity, sponsored in part by a mini-grant from Volunteer West Virginia.

If you’d like to help out but can’t make it in person, you can chip in to support the Tadpole Project’s work at Thanks!
#TadpoleProject #DaytoServe

Judy Bonds Said, "Fight Harder And Finish Them Off"

Aug 27, 2015

Today would have been Judy Bonds’ 63rd birthday.                                           We miss her every day, but especially today. Before cancer took her from us, she stood at the forefront of the movement to end mountaintop removal and inspired activists throughout Appalachia and beyond.


Mountaintop Removal Blasting Above Coal River Communities

Aug 17, 2015

Mountaintop removal is far from over, and bankrupt Alpha Natural Resources continues to force toxic blasting dust into the air our people breathe. On August 13, Coal River Mountain Watch staff Junior Walk and Vernon Haltom took a reporter up on Coal River Mountain for a view of Alpha's Edwight mountaintop removal site on Cherry Pond Mountain above the communities of Naoma, Pettry Bottom, Sundial, and Edwight. As soon as we got to a good vantage point, Alpha set off two blasts. We watched as the dust and blasting residue drifted straight down into Pettry Bottom and Sundial and into the air that babies, children, senior citizens, and everyone else would be breathing. What we can't see and don't know is the full range of the fine and ultrafine dust, which may remain concentrated for several miles according to scientists.