Alpha Committed Fraud, Alleges WVDEP in Federal Bankruptcy Court

Nov 17, 2016

The chronic polluter coal company Alpha Natural Resources, recently emerged from bankruptcy, committed fraud by underreporting $100 million in liabilities, according to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. Call Harold Ward at 304-926-0490 and tell him his department should not grant new mountaintop removal permits to a company it considers fraudulent.  "The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has filed a complaint with a federal bankruptcy court asking the judge to declare relief granted to Alpha Natural Resources Inc. senior management as "void and unenforceable as having been procured by material misrepresentation and fraud." The Edwight mountaintop removal site above our community, where the coal company's "reclamation" is over a year behind schedule. WVDEP is considering new permits to let this company do thousands more acres of the same. Flyover courtesy

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