Rally To Save Coal River Mountain Oct. 17

Sep 10, 2016

Stand with Coal River Mountain Watch and friends to tell the WV Dept. of Environmental Protection to end mountaintop removal coal mining on Coal River Mountain and everywhere. This ongoing process endangers public health with airborne blasting dust, pollutes streams, increases flooding, and deprives communities of traditional use of the mountains and forests. Join us Monday, Oct. 17, at noon at the WV Dept. of Environmental Protection headquarters at 601 57th St. SE, Charleston, WV 25304.

Coal River Mountain has over 5,000 acres of active, approved, or pending mountaintop removal permits. Over two dozen scientific health studies point to mountaintop removal as the culprit in elevated ratess of cancer, heart disease, birth defects, and other causes of early death. WVDEP has passed the buck to the federal government to understand the science in a two-year review of existing studies. In the meantime, coal companies continue to subject residents to the fine and ultrafine silica dust emitted by blasting. WVDEP has said it intends to continue granting permits regardless of the health impacts and the companies' track record of permit condition violations. We call on the WVDEP to withhold new permits unless and until mountaintop removal is proven safe for neighboring communities, and to crack down on operating sites.

Share the invitation and bring a friend! More details will follow, but mark your calendar now!

#SaveCoalRiverMountain #EndMTR #OurWaterOurFuture #WaterIsLife #CoalRiverMountainWatch http://crmw.net

Alpha MTR permits      
Coal River Mountain Total 5608  
      6542 counting impoundments
Active Acres Subsidiary  
Total 1064 xxx    
Permit #        
S300208 264 Republic Collins Fork
S301712 800 Republic Middle Ridge
Approved Acres Subsidiary  
Total 3136 xxx    
Permit #        
S301004 1096 Marfork Bee Tree (idled)
S302805 2040 Republic Eagle #2  
Pending Acres Subsidiary  
Total 1408 xxx    
Permit #        
S300115 847 Republic Long Ridge #1
S300316 561 Republic Center Contour
S300809 59 Marfork Slipridge Phase 1 release
O012583 289 Republic No name (Workman's Creek/Collins Fork impoundment)
O301095 645 Marfork Brushy Fork impoundment