Please Attend: Informal Conferences at DEP regarding Mulberry Fork Surface Mine and Glenco Hollow Surface Mine

Oct 1, 2012


Please attend these conferences at the DEP office in Oak Hill.  Get more information and make your comments regarding these issues.  We have real tangible complaints that need addressed and the citizens of this county must take a stand against these permits.  

Informal Conference:  Application for Frasure Creek Mining's Mulberry Fork Surface Mine, Thursday October 4, 6 PM 

Oak Hill Regional DEP office, located at 254 Industrial Drive, Oak Hill, WV.

The Mulberry Fork Surface Mine would be a 531 acre with two large valley fills. The informal conference is a chance for citizens to give comments on the permitting process for proposed surface mines and examine the mining plans with DEP officials. Earlier this month, we conducted a site visit with a mine engineer from Frasure Creek. Unlike other site visits of active areas, this was a walk on the mountainside that is just beginning to heal from pre-1970s/SMCRA surface mining. Here are some concerns to bring up in the permit hearing: 

  • The permit contains two large valley fills. The larger fill would fill over 1/2 a mile of a perennial stream, and the permit plan is to "relocate" the stream onto a mining bench above the hollow through which it naturally runs. Stream relocation of this scale is just as devastating to fresh water ecosystems and threatens Loop Creek's status as a trout stream. 
  • There are many residences downstream of both fills which will face higher risks of flood if this permit is approved. 
  • Additionally, Frasure Creek is behind schedule on valley fill engineering on the Glenco and Open Fork permits, given their current fiscal state, we are concerned that there is a high risk of beginning the mining process and leaving a mess.

Informal Conference: Renewal for Frasure Creek Mining's Glenco Hollow Surface Mine Permit, Tuesday, October 9, 2012, 6 PM 
Oak Hill Regional DEP office, located at 254 Industrial Drive, Oak Hill, WV. 

The Glenco Hollow Surface Mine is an active 569.2 surface mine above Page and Kincaid. They are currently in reclamation on the mine, and have not mined the entire permit, presumably because of market conditions. During the site visit, we saw two violations on the mine site. 

  • There is a sediment ditch full of rock in the head of Glenco Hollow, making it ineffective. 
  • The face of one of the valley fills is eroded, making it at risk of structural failure.
This is the five year renewal of the permit, and it is most likely that they are renewing it to continue reclamation at this time, although if market conditions shift, they may resume mining on the ridge.