Classical Composition: Coal River Mountain-An Aerial View

Aug 17, 2016

Our friend Rikki Bell composed this moving string quartet piece entitled "Coal River Mountain-An Aerial View." Performed by Jennifer Choi-Violin, Mary Rowell-Violin, Jessica Meyer-Viola, and Ashley Bathgate-Cello, this composition adds a missing artistic piece to the struggle against mountaintop removal, reminding us of the ancient grandeur of this majestic mountain of which we are a part. Enjoy this beautiful music at and share it, along with our cause, with your friends. Rikki says this about the 3-part piece:

"This selection is an expression of the loss of habitat, as it affects the bird population, from mountaintop coal removal in home state of West Virginia."
I-The Redbird Sings
II-The Owl Weeps
III-The Hawk Complains

Here are some of the nicer aerial views of Coal River Mountain, trying to focus on the majesty and avoid the ongoing destruction inflicted by Alpha Natural Resources, the coal company intent on ruining the heart of our community. Flyovers courtesy of our friends at Southwings, except for a few stills from drone footage.